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Happy birthday to Trellis! Celebrating our first birthday

Time flies when you’re having fun! A year ago we launched Trellis, the new platform for scientific communication and collaboration, into a private beta. Launched as a “minimum viable product,” Trellis had a basic set of features including professional profiles, newsfeeds, discussions, and group hierarchies. We launched with just a couple of groups, including Public Engagement with Science and Tools for Evidence-Based Action, and a hundred or so members.

A year later, how different things look. We now have around 6,000 members from across disciplines and around the world. One of our favorite moments of the year happened during a demo with an interested scientist from New Zealand. When we asked him how he had heard of Trellis, he said “Well, I was at a conference in Hanoi and someone was talking about it.” You know what they say (roughly paraphrased) – “if they’re talking about you in Hanoi …”

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